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Abeer Pamuk

Communications Strategist – Fellow, Atlas Corps

Member since Jun 15 2017

Abeer is committed to using her communications skills to raise awareness about humanitarian crises, especially in Syria. As a member of the SOS communications teams in both Syrian and regional offices She strongly believes in the power of good communication and storytelling to raise the money and awareness needed to support vulnerable communities and contribute to solutions. She also gained firsthand knowledge about the power that international aid organizations must have to impact the lives of vulnerable populations trapped in humanitarian disasters.

In Aleppo, one of the areas most affected by the war, Abeer produced human-interest stories that showed the broad impact of the organization’s humanitarian relief program. Her stories raised millions of dollars for relief efforts in Syria and appeared in news outlets such as BBC, NBC and the Guardian. Abeer arrived for the first time to the United States in January 2017—just before the travel ban took effect—to participate in a year-long fellowship called Atlas Corps. The fellowship was founded to provide nonprofit leaders from across the globe with an opportunity to build their skills while serving at leading U.S. nonprofits and foundations.

In five years, Abeer envisions a world in which civil society is an integral part of international policymaking, especially as it relates to conflict resolution and peacebuilding. In this world, the voice of civil society is amplified at international conferences and within decision-making bodies so that the policies pursued address the needs of those directly affected by the conflict. By including civil society at different levels of government and in international discourse, there will be more effective solutions to the root causes of violence, discrimination and other human rights violations.

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